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The Recruitment Process

In order to join Humberside Police as a Special Constable you will have to successfully complete our recruitment process. There are 5 stages to our recruitment process all of which you must attend/pass before you can join us.

Below is a brief outline of the 5 stages, however, when you attend the Presentation Event (which is compulsory) you will be given more detail of the process.

1. The Presentation Event

Attending one of our Presentation Events which give you a real insight to what it is to be a Special Constable. The team will explain to you about the recruitment process, the training and the types of duties that you will be involved in. They will also give you as much information as possible which will allow you to decide if being a Special Constable is for you.

All of our Presentation Events are held at the Police Training Centre in Hull and it is a compulsory part of the recruitment process. 

2. The Application Form

If, after attending the Presentation Event, you decide that you would like to join as a Special Constable then you will be sent an application form to complete. You will find that the form appears to be very lengthy but don’t be put off by this. Only the first 14 pages need to be completed the remaining 10 pages are there as guidance. Please spend some time reading the guidance and the other documents that you receive as they will help you with the completion of the application form. Please remember that Police Staff are available to speak to during the application process to assist with any queries you may have.

3. The Job Related Fitness Test

It is vitally important that you are physically fit enough to carry out the role of a Special Constable. In order to ensure you are fit enough you will be required to complete the Job Related Fitness Test. The test involves you taking part in a shuttle run (Bleep Test) and you will be required to reach level 5.4. 

4. The Assessment Centre

Though you don’t require any formal qualifications to become to become a Special Constables we do require a certain level of ability and therefore you will have to attend an Assessment Centre. The Assessment Centre, which takes around 3 hours, is designed to assess if you have the basic skills required to join us and all potential Special Constables across England and Wales have to attend this assessment. 

5. Pre-employment checks (vetting and medical clearance and references)

Once you have passed the Assessment Centre the final stage of the recruitment process are the pre-employment checks. It is vital that anyone joining Humberside Police, in any role, is of good character and medically fit for the job that they have applied for. In order to ensure that you meet our minimum standards you and your immediate family will be vetted to the same level as a regular police officer, have to attend an appointment with our Occupational Health Unit and we will write to the 2 referees that you gave us on your application form.    

Offer of a place on the next available training course

Once you have completed and passed the 5 stages above you will be invited to attend the next available training course. Now have a look at The Role page which will give you an understanding of the role and training of a Special Constable.