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Serving our communities to make them safer and stronger
Serving our communities to make them safer and stronger


Watch the video below from John Philip, our Chief Officer Special Constabulary which will give an introduction to the Special Constabulary.


Their stories

Jonathan Dunning-Davies

11 years service.

“Giving just a few hours a week as a Special Constable can make a huge difference; from making an old lady smile, to seeing the relief on a mother’s face when their lost child is found, to being the one that locks up the drunk driver or the sneak-in burglar”

Jonathan is a graduate of the University of Nottingham and former teacher who currently works for the civil service. He lives in the East Riding with his partner and two Siberian huskies. He joined the Special Constabulary in 2002 and is proud to wear medal ribbons for long service and for Her Majesty, the Queen’s Jubilee.

His duties as a voluntary special has seen him work in diverse communities, from the East Hull Council Estates to the multi-cultural Pearson Park, and the coastal location of Withernsea to the town and rural areas of Beverley. It is also a role that has provided a variety of work from public order patrols, community engagement to dealing with road traffic collisions and sudden deaths. Together with patience, customer focus, understanding and empathy, the ability to communicate on a straight and steady level with people from all backgrounds, from all walks of life, is something he has learned to do through being a Special Constable.

Having spent his university years dabbling with the armed forces reserves, playing rugby (union), doing karate, and chucking himself out of ‘perfectly serviceable aircraft’, as well as learning all about Medieval French literature, he wanted to do something exciting!

Jane Norman

7 years service

I am the mother of 3 teenage young men, and have been happily married for 2 years to another Special Constable I met 5 years ago.

My hobbies are horse riding, swimming and camping! I love the outdoors and enjoy many weekends away in the Lake District with my family - regardless of the weather or time of year!
Although I was in a secure employment position with my day job, and after spending the last 10+ years concentrating on my family, it was finally time to do something positive and use my spare time effectively. I initially joined the Special Constabulary as I wanted a true insight into policing which I had always had an interest in, and as the amount of time I could commit to was restricted due to having a young family, joining as a volunteer fitted my lifestyle perfectly. I have been a Special constable for just over 7 years, and a Sergeant for 4 of those. I have always been attached to the public order specials support unit which deals with city centre crime and disorder within the safe entertainment zone, and I thoroughly enjoy it.
During my time as a Special Constable, I have been privileged to experience many numerous situations and events I would never have been privy to had I not been a Special, and learnt many new skills. I have learnt to drive police vehicles including the prison bus, and assist in transporting numerous prisoners to the custody suite at one time. I am also a trained cannabis identification officer, and a level 2 Police support officer of which I was amongst the first intake of 12 officers in HUMBERSIDE to become qualified, and I’m very proud and honored to be part of. I am also sufficiently trained to work alongside and assist the paramedic car which is attached to the public order duties on the weekends, which is also another aspect of policing I thoroughly enjoy being part of. 
I have been employed by HUMBERSIDE POLICE as an investigating officer in my day job for the last 4 years. This greatly assists my role as a Special constable as I get to see both sides of the job, from an initial arrest, to the process through custody, interview and charging decision, and get to deal with all aspects of this.

John Young

New recruit

John is relatively new to Humberside Police Special Constabulary having joined in Autumn 2013. After researching about how the police operate and what different roles were available he discovered his role as a Special.

"During my studies at University I decided that I wanted to try a different career path to reduce crime but at the same time give something back to my surrounding community."

"Being a Special Constable I'm able to lend my spare time to assist regular officers with their duties throughout a variety of departments within Humberside Police. This involves patrolling neighbourhoods/streets, covering community events, roads policing, and much more. Being a Special Constable is fantastic as it gives you an understanding to how the police operate and at the same time develops your personal skills. Training for my role was intensive but highly rewarding. I trained alongside seventeen other officers who are now all close friends/colleagues of mine, and each day I meet more amazing officers, staff, and volunteers that dedicate their time to tackling crime. My trainers helped me personal develop my knowledge of the law and preparing me in what to expect when I got out onto the streets. I personally cannot think of a better position to give your spare time as every job you receive is different and you just don’t know what is round the next corner.’

Outside of his role as a Special, John works in retail, is a keen photographer and user of digital media, while winds down through his gaming and playing his guitar.

Keith Binks Awards

As you go through your career as a Special Constable you may become nominated for one of the many awards that are presented by either Humberside Police or nationally.

 These include the Keith Binks Awards, presented every year, and the Special Constabulary Long Service Medal.

The Keith Binks Awards

These are presented on an annual basis and fall in to the following categories:

  • Neighbourhood Project Award
  • Team Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Student Officer
  • Outstanding Achievement Award