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Serving our communities to make them safer and stronger
Serving our communities to make them safer and stronger


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Q. Can everyone join the Special Constabulary?
A. No. There can be many reasons why an individual in unable to join. These can include: age, employment, medical reasons, previous convictions, etc.

Q. What happens if I am unsuccessful during the recruitment process?
A. If you are unsuccessful during any part of the recruitment process you may be invited to reapply after a minimum of six months. If you are unsuccessful because of medical, vetting or references then it may be deemed that you are unsuitable to join Humberside Police and it may prevent you from ever becoming a member of our staff.

Q. What happens if I can’t start my training on an offered course?
A. We understand that applicants to the Special Constabulary have commitments outside of Humberside Police and that they may not be in a position to commence their training when a course becomes available. We endeavour to be as flexible as possible, but applicants must understand that a place on training course can not be held open indefinitely and you may be asked to reconsider if you have the time to commit to the Special Constabulary.

Q. Will I be issued with all the uniform and equipment that I require?
A. You will be issued with all the uniform and equipment necessary to carry out the role of Special Constable. 

Q. Will I be the same as a regular officer?
A. You will have the same warranted powers, uniform and equipment as your regular colleagues, however, due to the level of training you will receive you will not be able to, or expected to, carry out all of the same tasks of a regular officer.

Q. Do I get paid for being a Special Constable?
A. Being a Special Constable is purely voluntary and as such you do not get paid. However, you will be reimbursed for your out of pocket expenses such as travel.


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